1. “What does a day at this camp look like?”-This camp is heavily centered around offensive skill work. Ball handling is a major emphasis and will be the focus for the first hour of camp. Once finished, we emphasize passing and cutting drills including working on footwork both on and off the ball. Finally, many of the ¬†offensive drills that MMU and Rice use at the high school level during practice are utilized, before smaller-sided games for the last 45 minutes of camp. Near the end of the week, the last 45 minutes will include 5 on 5 games.

2. “What if my son/daughter has not played a lot of basketball?”-The majority of this camp revolves around individual skill work. Players at varying ability levels can still get a lot out of the drills that are used to make players better.

3. “Can my son/daughter do both the Rice camp and the MMU camp?” -In the past, we have had players do both. Obviously, the majority of the population of players will be different from camp to camp, which does create a different feel for each week of camp. Many of the same workouts will be done both weeks, but that is only going to benefit a camper who does both weeks, as repetition and more practice will only make you better!

4. “Should my camper bring his/her own drink and a snack?”-We do encourage that players bring a water bottle. Also, we do allow for a short snack break for the younger campers, as we find they need a little break halfway through the workout.”